It all encompassing and that what I believe people

Rising above trends

Penney are matched with up and coming retailers Ulta Beauty, KJ’s Fresh Market, Apricot Lane and Carter’s OshKosh B’gosh at Dakota Square Mall.

Throughout Minot and across North Dakota, Dakota Square Mall has earned a stellar reputation as a family friendly destination. Penney, Dakota Square Mall is a thriving center for the Minot community that employs an estimated 800 people.

For 37 years, Dakota Square Mall has adjusted with the fake louis bag times by providing the latest trends while never losing sight of the needs of its community.

Chuck Massey, the general manager of Dakota Square Mall high quality designer replica handbags wholesale , expressed great excitement about the shopping experience at Dakota Square Mall.

think when people come in the mall, they are excited about the variety of retailers to choose from, Massey said. can see everything from apparel retailers, locally owned boutiques, sporting goods, dining options and entertainment. It all encompassing and that what I believe people feel and sense when they come into the mall. Penney are matched with up and coming retailers Ulta Beauty, KJ Fresh Market, Apricot Lane and Carter OshKosh B so much retail success, Massey credits Dakota Square Mall owners CBL and Associates, for attracting popular retailers to the growing venue.

and Associates have been very proactive in developing relationships with retailers, Massey said. want to attract retailers with strong reputations for customer service. The owners also believe it important to employ local residents who execute great customer service as well. A great example would be Scheels. Everyone recognizes cheap replica handbags this store for its consistent practice of excellent customer service skills. 2012, CBL and Associates have owned Dakota Square Mall and according to Massey, their commitment to investing in the mall future remains strong.

long term owners, they have plans to continue working with retailers and create opportunities for future developments, Massey said. of their vision is to reinvent and redevelop this shopping mall. in 1980, Scheels has the unique distinction of being one of the founding stores of the expanding mall.

Known for providing top tier sporting goods in conjunction with highly sought after brands, shoppers continue to frequent the popular establishment.

For shoppers high quality replica handbags china who prefer indoor adventures, retailers such as GameStop, Gorilla Games and AMC Dakota Square 9 formerly known as Carmike Cinemas Stadium 9.

During 2016, Carmike Cinemas Stadium 9 transitioned to AMC Dakota Square 9. Although the name of the movie theater has changed, Massey said the high quality service and fake designer bags popular demand remains the same.

movie theater is a staple in the replica louis vuitton bags community, Massey said. one of the Fake Louis Vuitton Replica Bags most popular destinations in the entire northwestern part of the state. Not only is it popular in the winter time when it cold and there not much to do, it also maintains its popularity all year. From first dates to families coming together to enjoy their favorite films, the movie theater remains a great place to go. struggle to keep their stores open, Massey along with CBL and Associates are bucking this trend.

While keeping an eye on the future and their ears toward customer demand, Dakota Square Mall is making critical moves that continue to create employment for residents and expand retail opportunities for shoppers.

of the biggest trends we seeing in the last 30 years includes pop up stores, Massey said. gives unique retailers an opportunity to try some short term stores at the mall while creating some urgency for their product and introduce customers to something new. A good example of that would be Jax Henley, they done a terrific job at bringing needed products to the community that other retailers are not carrying. Their designer handbags have been well received.

Established in 2016, Jax Henley is becoming the hot spot for glamorous and affordable handbags.

Inside the newly opened store are designer brands by Michael Kors fake designer bags , Louis Vuitton, Coach, Tory Burch and numerous other brands.

In addition to the success of pop up shops are the popular vendors.

As patrons stroll across the common areas, they can purchase customized T shirts and cookware, specialty swords and martial arts paraphernalia along with a variety of fragrances and accessories.

offer customers a very focused and unique opportunity for different products, Massey said. create cheap louis vuitton bags from china a lot of interest and variety that Discount Replica Louis Vuitton Bags keeps the shopping experience fresh and exciting. exciting addition to Dakota Square Mall Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags is the introduction of KJ Fresh Market.

Featuring the combination of organic, natural and clean label food, KJ Fresh Market puts an emphasis on locally grown produce.

In conjunction with KJ Fresh Market is Bruno Pizza, the newest addition to Dakota Square Mall food court.

food court is a huge draw and popular attraction of the mall, Massey said. seat nearly 400 visitors and sometimes there not enough replica louis vuitton handbags seats, especially during the weekends. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of food products. The newest member of our food court is the retailer Bruno Pizza. They done a terrific job. a menu of salads, pasta and desserts , Bruno Pizza continues to win over shoppers with their award winning pizza and calzones.

As Dakota Square Mall continues replica louis vuitton bags from china to evolve, Massey alongside CBL and Associates have plans to maintain its devotion to Minot area families and community causes. Penney, Massey said. also try to do unique things such as Photo Night. To solidify our sense of community, we worked to create educational opportunities with Minot State University and develop partnerships with Trinity Health and local animal shelters. At all times of the year, we always looking for ways to increase community participation.

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